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Availability - Harold Cohen Library - SSIS Accessible Study Spaces

Harold Cohen Library Accessible Study Spaces

These study spaces are only available to students with a Student Support Information Sheet (SSIS). Requests by students without an SSIS will be rejected.

Accessible study spaces in the Harold Cohen Library are available in individual or shared study rooms. Click on info next to each space to find out more about the space. Choose from the following: 

  • a study room on the 3rd Floor of the Harold Cohen Library, with capacity for 1 student plus a support worker
  • a study desk only/study desk with PC/shared study table (max. capacity 2), with spaces available in either an individual room (capacity for 1 student plus a support worker) or in a shared study room, on the Ground Floor of the Harold Cohen Library (your card must be activated for the swipe card access)

If you experience any problems using the online system or would prefer to book direct with staff (during staffed hours), contact the Library by emaillive chat, SMS Text on 0151 329 2657 or in person at a help desk.

Find out more information on booking accessible study spaces/rooms or view our Library Disability Support Assistance guide.

This location or Category has multiple capacity options (i.e. single seat, group spaces, etc.). Please select the desired capacity from the Capacity dropdown above.